Prepositional Verbs


Single preposition verbs

A great number of verbs in English can be modified by the addition of a preposition. Often the preposition will nuance, or even dramatically change, the meaning of the base verb. The meanings are often idiomatic, and the meaning expressed by any given preposition may be very different from one verb to another.

It would be impossible to list all such verbs here (but you will find them in the dictionary itself). These examples will suffice to provide an illustration of the principle:


Sentence structure

When the sentence includes a noun object, the object will follow the preposition; if the object is replaced by a pronoun, the pronoun precedes the preposition:



Multiple preposition verbs

There are many prepositional verbs that take two prepositions:

Sentence structure

When the verb is followed by two prepositions, the object follows the two prepositions, whether the object is a noun or a pronoun:


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