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Learn English Without Getting Out of Bed

It's Saturday morning. Sunlight streams through your window; you slowly stretch and open your eyes. You're exhausted from a busy week and wish you could stay in bed all day. But you know you shouldn't waste time – you ought to get up and study English. If only there was a way to do both …

But there is! In fact, there are a number of ways to practice and study English while lazing in bed.

Turn up the radio

If your city has a fun English or bilingual radio show, put it on in the morning to help you wake up. The cheerful voices and music will get your day off to a great start. Listen to the DJ introduce the songs, and try to understand what he/she says. Remember that learning English doesn't have to be boring; finding fun and practical ways to improve your listening is a key to staying motivated. If you do it often, one day you might wake up to excellent listening skills!

Lose yourself in a book

Nothing beats kicking back (relaxing) in bed with a good book. The key is that you've got to enjoy what you read! Whether it's a best-selling novel or an exciting comic book, read something on your level that interests you. Articles or books that are too dry or too difficult will put you back to sleep! By reading something enjoyable, you are having fun as well as inputting thousands of correct English sentences into your brain. You'll be able to draw upon these resources the next time you need to speak or write in English. Remember to keep a dictionary and notebook on your bed-side table to look up and record difficult words and passages.

Go to class

Now, wait a minute … doesn't that mean you have to get out of bed? Not anymore! The Internet has a mountain of resources for studying English, and online schools such as Englishtown.com are even offering conversation classes. By signing up, you can step into the virtual classroom without stepping out of bed. Talk live with a native English speaking teacher and classmates from around the world any time you want, 24 hours a day! Each class revolves around a topic and gives you plenty of opportunities to practice speaking. So, the next time you don't feel like getting out of bed, grab a laptop and go to class in your pajamas!