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Can you use a computer in English?

What would we do without our computers? With them we work, we play, we keep in touch, and we even study English! Make sure your computer - and your English - is up-to-date with this high-tech advice.

Backup your hard drive
You never know when disaster may strike and all the information you've saved on your hard drive, or internal disc where data is saved, could disappear. Consider saving a copy of your data on an external hard drive - one that can plug into a USB port.

Scan for viruses
If you begin to experience problems with your computer, be sure to scan for viruses using some anti-virus software. While your computer probably won't have the flu, you need to check for harmful programs that may have accidentally been downloaded.

Beware of spyware
Spyware is a type of malicious software that can monitor everything you do on your computer, just like a spy. It can be automatically downloaded when you visit certain websites. If you're not careful, it could capture important passwords and do a lot of damage!

Run a personal firewall
This is an equivalent to your system's very own protective fort! A firewall can block malicious sites from writing harmful programs onto your hard drive.

Delete your cookies
We're not talking about the ones you'd find in the cookie jar! Instead, cookies are files written to your computer when you visit certain websites, which you can probably find in your "Temporary Internet Files" folder. This action can free up space and remove any possibly damaging cookies.

Switch to wireless
Is your Internet connection running too slowly? Tying up your phone line? Get rid of your traditional dial-up modem and switch to a high-speed wireless connection using a wireless card.

Replace the printer cartridge
Can't print that document you need? Maybe it's time to replace the ink cartridge in the printer. Either that or add more paper!

Use an infrared mouse
Having trouble moving the arrow around? Maybe it's time you invested in an infrared mouse, or one that uses infrared lights instead of the traditional ball to guide it.

Increase your memory
No, we're not suggesting you take herbs to help your own memory improve! Instead, if your system is running slowly, it may be because your computer's memory is too low. You can buy additional memory sticks to add to your machine.

Use a flat-screen monitor
Is your monitor, or your computer screen giving your eyes some trouble? Switch to a flat-screen monitor (the type used on laptop computers) to ease eye strain and avoid harmful radiation.

By Heather Daigle