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Why no one understands your English

You might have memorized the entire English dictionary, but all that vocabulary is useless if no one understands you when you speak! If you're frustrated because you know you're using the correct word and sentence structure, but have to repeat a word three or four times before you're understood, you're not alone.

A lot of people know English well, but they learn from non-native English-speaking teachers, they practice with non-native speakers, and they have never been to an English-speaking country. Their grammar and vocabulary might be excellent, but they just can’t make themselves understood.

The problem is lack of correct speaking practice. If everyone in your class – including the teacher – knows the spelling and meaning of a word but is mispronouncing something as simple as a vowel sound it could make you all indecipherable.

There are a few ways you can compare your speech to a native English-speaker's without ever being face-to-face. Two commonly used methods are: watching movies in English and listening to English radio. Then, you finish by recording yourself and comparing what you hear on the tape to what you hear in the movies or on the radio.

While listening and recording your voice is popular and can be helpful, nothing compares to getting feedback and help from a real native speaker. But isn't this your problem in the first place? No access to native speakers?

Not so fast. Through the Internet you have plenty of opportunities to practice with native English speakers. If you have headphones and a microphone along with your computer and Internet connection, you could listen in on a video chat room. But these aren't usually filled with people interested in helping you improve your pronunciation.

A better option is one of the growing number of online English schools. Through Englishtown.com, you can join regular, live conversation classes with a native English-speaking teacher – every hour, 24 hours a day. Classes are small and organized around a topic. Join in with other students at the same skill level, discuss the subject, and get feedback and guidance from the professional teacher. Soon you’ll be impressing people with your vocabulary and your accurate pronunciation!