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Qualities of Good Employees in English

A good employee is self-motivated and always has their eyes fixed on the desired outcomes. He has well-thought-out goals and has a grasp of what is required of him at all times. He is an independent thinker, and does not come to work just to work, but to learn and grow.

Effective employee communication drives organizational performance. It’s a proven fact that the more employees know about the organization, the harder they work to make it a success. A good employee does not wait for his superior to filter information to him but, he takes a stand and asks the relevant questions. All he says is credible and has close relationships with his superiors, colleagues and subordinates.

A great employee is a self-starter, someone who is easily inspired and inspires his colleagues to improve their current and future situation in the organization. He is reliable, punctual and is always willing to develop himself and the organization.

Although external factor are seen as the most important, great employees, are those that look just as good on the outside as they do on the inside. These employees dress the part. They understand the differences between the different roles they are required to play and the different functions they have to attend and are always dressed appropriately.

The best employees function as a part of a team, not just for personal gain and self-fulfillment, but to achieve the greater goals of the organization as a whole. They understand the purpose behind the organization and are able to align their own goals to this purpose.