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Free English Learning >> Job interviews in English >> What Are Some Good Ways to Negotiate Your Salary in English?

What Are Some Good Ways to Negotiate Your Salary in English?

The most important thing to do when you want to negotiate your salary is BE PREPARED!

The first thing to do is make sure you have been offered the job:

"Thanks — is this a firm job offer?"

Once it is clear, you can start the negotiation process. Remember to only start negotiating your salary once your potential boss has breached the subject. Then you can ask: "Is the salary negotiable?"

Once you have started the negotiation process, you can ask: "Is this base only?"

This lets the interviewer know you’re interested in the details of bonuses and stock options, and it opens up other questions about bonus opportunities.

In terms of wanting to know when in the future you can expect or ask for a raise, you can ask: "How and when will I be evaluated, and will there be an increase on the basis of that evaluation?"

Some companies offer a sign-on bonus. You can simply ask: "Will there be a sign-on bonus?"

"When would you like an answer?" implies that you have other possible offers to consider.

Another important question to ask is "What kind of benefits will I receive?" Think about what kind of benefits you want, so you are prepared if you are asked what you expect.

And above all, remember to demonstrate that you're professional, polished and always be polite.