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By Wei on 11/21/2009 10:34:18 PM - 0 comments

email marketing terms

E-mail营销跟Web 2.0一样,是个发展迅速的崭新网络营销理念,所以这其中的英文术语也是层出不穷,咱们要想打好email营销长期战争,那么这其中的术语跟行话还是很有必要熟悉、掌握一下的。这星期我们就来熟悉一下一些email营销的一些常用、常见的术语解释跟应用吧。

-Above-the-fold  在网页顶端

If you have a “subscribe to our mailing list” button on your website, you should position it above-the-fold, so that it is more visible and eye-catching.

-CPM (cost per milli or cost per thousand)  千人成本

The list owner charged us $250 CPM for the mailing list, so that calculates to $.25 for each email address.

-CTR (click through rate)  点击率

CTR is one of the ways to measure an email campaign's success, as it calculates how many unique users actually clicked through the links provided in the email/newsletter.

-Conversion rate  新用户比率

If we are looking to attract newer users, then conversion rate is how we'll measure our success with the email campaign.

-Rental list (acquisition list)  租用用户email地址列表

We have to make sure that our rental list is a permission-based opt-in list, otherwise it might do more damage than good.

-House list (retention list)  自家用户email地址列表

Build and add on to your house list as you expand your customer database.

-Signature file (sig file)  email签名

Signature files at the bottom of our emails/newsletters are also marketing opportunities.

-Bounce email  退回的email

We checked out the reasons for the bounce email and found that the recipient's address was misspelled.

-Opt-in (subscribe)  加入订阅

Users opt-in or subscribe to an email listing when they are interested in a product or company.

-Opt-out (unsubscribe)  退出订阅

It is important that we allow our users to opt-out of an email listing easily when they should feel the need.




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