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By Wei on 11/30/2009 10:12:10 PM - 0 comments

transition words presentation

Link It Up


对我们在学外语的人来说(当然不只限于学英语外语的了),最难做到的就是即兴演讲了。就算咱们原先备有草稿,把该背的全都背了一遍,但到真正上场演讲时刻,到底免不了有意料之外的事情发生,那么这时咱们要是被迫加点即兴演讲内容又该怎么办呢?这星期我们就来讨论一下有关如何做个琅琅上口的英语演讲家(keep it conversational)。



-also  且、还有
-again  再有
-as well as  同时也有
-besides  另外
-coupled with  相加的有
-furthermore  再详细的还有
-in addition  还有

'Also, I would like to add...'  “还有,我希望补充的是。。。”

'Besides this fact, there is also...'  “除此之外,还有就是。。。”

'That coupled with this gave us these results.'  “那情况跟这情况相加之后,就有了这些结果。”


-aside from  除了
-barring  除外考虑
-besides  另外
-except  剩下
-excluding  除去考虑

'Aside from this example, we have...'  “除了这例子之外,我们有。。。”

'We've everything explained, except for this problem...' 

'Except for this information, we seem to have arrived at a solution...'


-for example  例如
-for instance  比如
-for one thing  有一种情况
-in this case  在这种情况
-as an illustration  做一个描述说明

'For example, if this were the case...'  “例如,情况如果真是如此。。。”

'For one thing, I wasn't prepared to handle the task...' 

'As an illustration, let me give you this example...' 


-in other words  换句话来说
-namely  具体来说
-that is  就是说
-that is to say  意思就是说
-in short  概括地说
-in brief  简单地说
-to put it differently  用不同的话来说

'In other words, what I've been trying to get across is...' 

'In short, let me say again that...'  “概括地说,请容许我重申一下。。。”

'Namely, what I mean with what I've said before is...' 


-above all  最主要的
-particularly/in particular  尤其
-chiefly  最重要的
-especially  尤为重要

'Above all else, I want to stress the fact that...'  “最主要的,我希望强调一点。。。”

'In particular, I want to point out that...'  “尤其,我希望指出。。。”

'This is especially important...'  “这一点尤为重要。。。”







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