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怎么来呈现一份具有说服力的演讲 How to Give a Persuasive Speech
By Wei on 7/20/2009 10:28:50 PM - 0 comments


A persuasive speech is aimed at convincing the audience about an issue that is often controversial.

What are some of the possible topics?  可能的题目有哪些?

-Reality TV as a positive or negative cultural phenomenon 

-Internet privacy issues: what's at stake and how it concerns us

(Introduction)  演讲开头

'Do you watch reality TV shows?  My problem with reality TV is not that it isn't entertaining, but that it is entertaining by blowing things way out of proportion, often at the expense of 'real' peoples and issues.'

(Body)  主题开展

-Use 'local' examples as evidence to support your argument; this way you can establish rapport with audience early on.

'I bet many of you are familiar with Kuai Le Nü Sheng, where young Chinese women scramble to be the next superstar in pop music...'

-Back up your argument with solid research: statistics, facts, and quotes, and true stories.

'And remember how Mr. Bao, a judge on Kuai Le Sheng, was seen storming off on TV citing irreconcilable differences with a particular contestant?  And then immediately he turns around and was judge on the show again only after a few weeks of the incident?'

-Make sure to present the other side of the argument as well and refute it point-by-point.

'I agree that reality shows are entertaining..I would have lesser of a problem with the shows if they weren't expected to be 'real'...'


Wes Hayden of the Bachelorette Show Confirms that Reality TV is Fake

(Conclusion)  结尾

-Ask your audience to take action and make it easy for them to do so.

'I have here a checklist that I've made about points to talk over with your kids when discussing reality shows.  Thank you.'

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