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By penny on 10/31/2011 1:46:34 AM - 5 comments

不同的想法无处不在。就好比不少哈迷都觉得《Harry Potter》系列电影中《哈7》拍得最好,但我认为《哈3》最不差。你觉得一个公司不应该有很多个微博账户,但我却赞成微博账户越多越利于跟客户接上头。有想法的筒子们一定要好好记住下面这些句子,誓死捍卫我们的不同意见。


No, I don't agree.

No, that's not true.

No, I don't accept that…



No, I don't think that's what happened. 

No, that's not a good idea.



加强版  尽量少用,以免引发大规模杀伤性活动。。

That's nonsense!

That's rubbish!




That's complete nonsense!

That's absolute rubbish!




插话版  不赞成对方刚说过的话赶紧用上:

hang on!
hang on a minute!



Hang on! That's not what she did at all!



婉约版  部分同意部分不同意对方观点时用:

Although it's true to say that…

While it's fair to say that…

While I agree that…

尽管我同意你说的…… 但我认为……


Although it's true to say that he is intelligent, I don't think he works well in a team. 

While I agree that we should leave soon, I think we should finish this work first.


comment 5 comments
lotus wrote... on 11/6/2011 7:36:15 AM
Thanks.It's very useful for me.
Hong wrote... on 11/7/2011 10:29:41 AM
JO wrote... on 11/17/2011 5:06:12 AM
Hope I could remember these words when I don't agree with others...
adahappiest wrote... on 11/18/2011 12:55:28 AM
Very good material! Thanks!
Sophia wrote... on 11/18/2011 10:09:36 PM
Nice.Very good.Thank you.
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