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By the end of this lesson, you will be able to deal with redirected flights at the airport.



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Telling the Time in English 1 days 23 hours ago
It is said that the 'early bird catches the worm'. A rooster will crow 'cock-a-doodle-doo' at dawn. Maybe you get up at the crack of dawn or fall asleep at dusk. But what time is it exactly? Is it 8am or 8 o'clock? Do I read 8:15 as quarter past or 15 minutes after 8?
As with many English words, some are common in American English and others are common in British English. However, words such as: bathroom, ladies room, men's room and restroom are common to both. On most airlines, the toilet is referred to as "the lavatory". You might hear the flight attendant say: "The lavatory is located at the back of the plane".
Are you learning English for career/business purposes, or because you want to live in an English-speaking country? Or just for fun and pleasure? Different types of learners would focus on learning different things.
Funny Things English Learners Say 11 days 23 hours ago
English can be a very complicated language. We have many words that have similar meanings, yet words with similar meanings can change the meaning of a sentence entirely.
Inviting Someone Over in English 15 days 23 hours ago
There are various ways of inviting someone in English. First, extend your invitation by highlighting what special occasion it is. Is it your birthday celebration? A housewarming? Or after work cocktails? Making it clear what occasion it is allow your guests to be mentally prepared for the type of occasion and whether they should dress up.