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Los Angeles, “The City of Angels,” is home to millions of people from a wide diversity of cultures. There’s no other place in the world in which English is spoken in so many different ways, and if you travel there, you’ll want to fit in. Here are some fun words and phrase to try:
Where can you go with English? 5 days 12 hours ago
You knew English was useful for traveling, but did you know how many exotic locations use English as an official language? Here's a short list of places you can go with English!
There's no better way to improve your English than to visit a city where everyone else is speaking it. Not only will you get plenty of conversation practice, but you'll be getting authentic English input from a huge variety of sources. <br/> <br/> But while many people choose to study in or visit famous cities like New York, London, or Sydney, there's a lot to be said for getting <b>off the beaten track</b> (away from the most popular places) and traveling to some lesser-known destinations.
Speaking English in Australia 12 days 12 hours ago
Ever been to Australia and wondered what everyone was saying? You thought they spoke English in Australia, right? Well, they do, but it's a special kind of English. Here are some helpful tips for talking to Australians.
Getting away from your old familiar environment is a great way to learn about yourself and the world around you, and if you're studying English, it's also a convenient way to get some practice using the language.