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Let's face it. Negotiation and sales is tough work, and even tougher when it's not done in your native language. Often, when English is not spoken correctly, it can come across as too pushy or even too rude – which ruins all chances for the perspective deal. Don't let English be the downfall. Improve your selling skills with our handy guide – and get the deal of a lifetime!
English is the language of international business communication, but do you know how to make a good impression when writing in English? A well-written business letter can make or break your business deal, so read on to become a writing pro!
Although emails are often seen as less formal than printed business letters, in the business world you cannot afford to let your language appear to be informal. Email may be faster and more efficient, but your client or business partner will not easily forgive correspondence that is too casual. Not to fear! Read on to discover simple secrets that will add a high level of professionalism to your English emails.
Writing a business email is often easier than speaking: you don't have to worry about pronunciation, and you can take time to edit your message. But there are some rules to remember when writing emails. Here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure that your email makes a good impression.
English for Business Meetings 14 days 2 hours ago
Meetings are an important part of doing business. And if you're in a multinational company, many of those meetings will be conducted in English. Whether you're leading or just attending one, be prepared with these phrases for each stage of a business meeting: