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Most people have heard of a ‘piston’, ‘a valve’, ‘a crankshaft’ or ‘a sump’ but have little or no idea what they do. While engines are known to breakdown, it is a flat tyre or replacing your wiper blades that are more common. 5 things everyone should know about cars:
First we start off with a director. All great movies need a great director. This is one of the most important people on any set. Even really good actors can have really bad movies if their director isn’t very good. This is the person that puts most of the movie together.
Diamond Terminologies in English 9 days 16 hours ago
At 99% pure carbon, you would think a diamond is a diamond is a diamond…right? There’s so much more to it than that!
Englishes Around the World 13 days 16 hours ago
There are many different English speaking countries. Although the language is essentially the same, there are some aspects of the language that are different in different places. It would be useful to know the following. The most common English comparison is between “British English” and “American English”.
Talking about Religions in English 16 days 16 hours ago
From East to West, from thousands of years ago to as recently as the 1950s, religion is a personal and sometimes controversial topic. What we know is that it is a part of everyday life. Which path do you follow?