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If you're like most people these days, you spend lots of time surfing the web, visiting chat rooms or instant messaging. But is your Internet English up to speed? Improve your cyber-skills with these useful words and expressions.
SMS messaging in English 6 days 8 hours ago
A new trend has been popping up all over the world - on mobile phones! SMS messages are becoming as common as telephone calls because they're fast, cheap and fun. Here are some tips on using SMS, or <b>Short Message Service</b>, to get your message across in English.
For centuries, having live contact with a teacher in a classroom has been considered an essential part of learning. But with the influx if the Internet, traditional attitudes are changing and education is being transformed! When it comes to learning English, studying online can be a cost-effective and convenient choice for many around the world - from full-time students to business professionals. But how does it really work?
Do you know how to get the best deal when shopping in an English-speaking country, or does the sales talk leave you speechless? Let's learn some useful expressions guaranteed to improve your bargaining power!
Can you impress your friends by ordering in an English restaurant? Can you tell an <b>appetizer</b> from an <b>aperitif</b>? Do you know how to ask for the bill in English? An unpleasant dining experience can leave a bad taste in your mouth, so let's learn some useful phrases to help you make it from the starter to the dessert!