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Some time ago I did some longitudinal research with my writing partner from Queen Mary, University of London into the expectations and experiences of overseas students on Masters courses in the UK. The statistics on these students are quite disturbing as you probably know: the large majority of students from overseas do not perform as well as they expected, and a substantial number fail to gain more than a pass in their degree.
Many of us dream of studying at an Ivy League college. But being accepted is not so easy, especially if English is not your first language. Here is some advice to ease you through the application procedure.
English a Boss Likes to Hear 8 days 16 hours ago
So you've landed a much desired job in a foreign company, but every time you need to communicate with your boss in English, you freeze up. Fear not! Exhibit the following five qualities and use the corresponding phrases - they're sure to make your boss love you!
Having worked at a number of overseas entities of large American multinational companies, I've found that local employees often try to impress their American or UK managers with difficult English words or complicated, long-winded sentences. But, to be honest, the way to a Western manager's heart isn't through complex English compositions, but through strategically-used English phrases that can reveal you're the type of employee they can't live without.
Your manager speaks to you. Nervousness spreads throughout your body because you recognize all the individual words, but don’t know the meaning of the entire phrase. He is looking at you expectantly, waiting for your reply, but all you can manage to say is a confused, “Excuse me?” Has this happened to you? Business slang and idioms in the workplace can leave you perplexed, but this short guide teaches some commonly spoken phrases and provides several appropriate ways to respond.