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By the end of this lesson, you will be able to talk about music you like and used to like.



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The airline lost your baggage. The hotel laundry ruined your favorite shirt. The taxi driver overcharged you. When you're abroad, sometimes things go wrong. Now you can do something about it! Use these tips when you want to express an effective complaint in English.
How to Say No in English 5 days 8 hours ago
Has this ever happened to you? Your boss asks if you can spend all night at a dinner meeting even though you have to go to your best friend's birthday party. <br/> There are always times we have to say no. But how do we do it without being rude or insulting? Here are some English phrases that might help you to say no without hurting the feelings of the person who wants you to do something.
Why You Should Learn English 9 days 8 hours ago
So everyone keeps telling you that you should learn English and that English is the language of the future. You are happy with your own language and don’t understand what all of the fuss is about. Well, maybe that’s because no one has ever given you any truly fun incentives to learn English. Read our list of reasons that they didn’t teach you in school and perhaps you might be more inspired to start improving your English skills!
Your child is learning English in school. He comes home every day with lots of new words and he's starting to speak comfortably. Even his pronunciation is good! You work hard at improving your English skills, but despite all your efforts, your child is already speaking better than you. What can you do?
English as a second language? 16 days 8 hours ago
Do you find yourself always making excuses for not learning English? You're too busy, it's too hard, or maybe you think you'll never need it. Whatever your reasons, they're still not enough to outweigh the benefits of learning English. Read on to learn why.