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Canceling plans can be awkward in any language. Maybe you have to break them for a good reason - like you got sick. Or maybe it's for something less truthful - like you just feel lazy. Either way, when you cancel, you don't want to offend the other person. Here are some phrases you can use to break plans politely:
If an English-speaking person invites you to visit their home, do you know what to say to them? We can help you be the perfect guest with these polite English expressions.
English to show you care 9 days 21 hours ago
Life is full of special occasions where the perfect words can make a world of a difference. Some situations are delicate where we search for words that can provide comfort and condolence. Others are celebrations where we want to express our congratulations to someone special. We’ve compiled some useful expressions to use in life's special and serious situations.
Whether for business, for pleasure or even in hopes of a new romance, making plans is an important part of everyday life. Use the following advice to extend invitations that your friends won't be able to refuse!
Romantic Expressions in English 16 days 21 hours ago
French may be the language of love, but English also has its share of romantic expressions. Here are some handy phrases to use when you talk about your girlfriend or boyfriend.