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Should you <b>accept</b> an invitation or <b>except</b> one? Do you eat <b>dessert</b> or <b>desert</b> after your meal? English is full of confusing words, but we can give you some tips on using the right word at the right time!
Do you get tongue-tied when you try to talk in English? Want to know how to get more speaking confidence? Even the best English speakers had to start somewhere, so read on to learn the secrets of their success.
Put away your boring textbooks and forget about memorizing long lists of vocabulary. It's time to add some excitement into learning English! To spice up your studying and have a few laughs, check out our list of fun English games.
While most flight attendants/passengers speak a language you understand, it’s always a good idea to have these commonly used words in your arsenal when you’re flying. Can you think of more to add to this list?
Essential English table etiquette 14 days 0 hours ago
Eating in a foreign country is not just about understanding the menu! Good table etiquette means knowing both what to say and how to behave. To make sure you don't end up with <b>egg on your face </b>(looking foolish), check out these useful dinner table tips.