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By the end of this lesson, you will be able to advise a visitor how to behave in a foreign country.



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Do you know how to get the best deal when shopping in an English-speaking country, or does the sales talk leave you speechless? Let's learn some useful expressions guaranteed to improve your bargaining power!
Can you impress your friends by ordering in an English restaurant? Can you tell an <b>appetizer</b> from an <b>aperitif</b>? Do you know how to ask for the bill in English? An unpleasant dining experience can leave a bad taste in your mouth, so let's learn some useful phrases to help you make it from the starter to the dessert!
Survival English for eating out 8 days 5 hours ago
Eating is simple. Eating out isn't … if you're traveling in a foreign country, that is! But don't panic – we won't let you starve. Check out this list of important dining phrases that will surely help you ease those hunger pangs!
Learn English through surgery? 11 days 5 hours ago
Many of us find excuses to put off studying languages, even claiming that we're incapable of learning. Chances are, however, that all you need is the right curriculum and a little faith in yourself to learn English. Battle the following common excuses, and be victorious in your English study!
Everyone talks about how English is the global language, but that means more than hearing occasional American pop songs on your local radio. English has become the global language because it has become a vital part of international society, culture and the economy. Whether you're aiming to be a professor or a reporter, a doctor or a banker, knowing English can give you what it takes to succeed.