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Brooke Broekmann loves water sports, traveling, and her beloved hometown Cape Town, in South Africa. She also really loves teaching. As an online teacher and manager of Englishtown's South African Center, Brooke spends her days helping hundreds of students worldwide improve their English.
What do you look for in an English teacher? Someone who puts you to sleep with boring lessons? No way! If you want a teacher full of passion, enthusiasm and concern for students, look no further than Daniel Easson. You can find him in the Englishtown Virtual Classroom!
If you think you don't have access to native English speakers where you live, you clearly haven't spoken with Nick Withycome. No matter how remote your location is, you can attend Nick's conversation class, speak with him, learn from him and be friends with him. How can Nick be all over the world at once? Through Englishtown's online virtual classroom!
Confused by all the election talk? Each US election throws up new <b>buzzwords</b>, and the 2004 presidential race is no different. As the November voting day approaches, the <b>mud-slinging</b> is in full swing. To better understand all this loaded name calling, check out our guide to the language of the John Kerry and George W. Bush campaigns.
How to make a complaint in English 15 days 15 hours ago
The airline lost your baggage. The hotel laundry ruined your favorite shirt. The taxi driver overcharged you. When you're abroad, sometimes things go wrong. Now you can do something about it! Use these tips when you want to express an effective complaint in English. </br></br> No matter how unfair the situation, it's best to phrase your complaint politely. In English, you'll sound more polite if you use indirect language. Here are some examples: