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Five Hilarious English Sayings 19 hours 2 minutes ago
Learning the grammar and vocabulary of English can be hard enough, but trying to understand English sayings can be impossible. Some are just hard to figure out and others don’t make any sense at all. Here are five funny English sayings that you can use every day. Just be careful to use them right!
Throughout the ages, proverbs have expressed well-known wisdom and advice. Take a look at these common English proverbs, and apply their truths to your language learning.
In some cultures, flattery may not get you anywhere, but in English-speaking countries, you might find that a simple compliment will take you a long ways. It doesn’t take much, so keep on reading for a few easy and guaranteed ways to get on people’s good side.
What's one of the best ways to start a conversation in English? Give a compliment! Tell somebody you like their shoes, and it can lead to a long chat about where you both like to shop. Not only that, but compliments make people feel good! So how do you compliment in English? Just focus on the positive in these four areas.
The airline lost your baggage. The hotel laundry ruined your favorite shirt. The taxi driver overcharged you. When you're abroad, sometimes things go wrong. Now you can do something about it! Use these tips when you want to express an effective complaint in English.