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By the end of this lesson, you will be able to understand short texts describing festivals.



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Fun English Tongue Twisters! 1 days 1 hours ago
Tongue twisters are aptly named: it feels like your tongue is literally twisting. Try saying this: “She sells sea shells on the sea shore. If she sells sea shells on the sea shore, where are the sea shells she sells?”
Here's how you can ensure you get the sandwich you want by using some of these phrases.
A natural disaster is the effect of a natural hazard which leads to financial, environmental or human losses.
English for Going to the Bank 12 days 1 hours ago
Having trouble banking in English? Practice these key phrases before you head to the bank.
Do you dream in English? 15 days 1 hours ago
The next time you hear that someone is <b>dead to the world</b>, don't worry! It just means that he's asleep. English is full of lingo that describes the world of sleep and dreams. Check out these interesting expressions that hopefully won't put you to sleep!