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Being polite in English

It's not easy to understand the etiquette of cultures different from your own. Things that may be rude in your own language can be perfectly polite in English, and some things that you may consider polite are rude to an English speaker. Learning about English etiquette is the best way to avoid social gaffes. Of course, you can always excuse yourself if you accidentally insult someone. But what if you don't realize that you've been insulting? What do you think? Is English etiquette all that different from etiquette in your own language?


Darren and Helli are talking about having good table manners. Darren's girlfriend has invited him for dinner with her parents.


Learn how to use small talk to 'break the ice' and get a conversation started.


Paolo and Ken are arriving at Adriana and Juan's housewarming party.


Do you know when to say "Please", "Thank You", and "Excuse Me"?


Learn how to politely turn down an invitation.


Impress your host with these courteous phrases!


Learn how to end a conversation nicely and leave a good impression.


At a loss for words? These phrases will show you care.

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