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So many of our students want to learn English fast. Some students are so busy that they only have a few minutes a day to study English. While other students need to improve their English skills in just a few weeks before an important deadline. To the first we say, even if you have only 5 minutes a day, you can still make progress in English. It's far better to spend a little time each day to learn a few new words than to give up entirely. Over time these study moments will accumulate. To the second we say, immerse yourself in the language as intensively as possible. If you can, go abroad. Living in an English-speaking environment will make you progress faster than any other method. Even at home, read and listen to English all day, study with a live teacher, and make English-speaking friends online. Create an English-speaking environment around yourself and you'll learn English much faster than by just attending a course.


Join Teacher Daniel in class and learn useful phrases for when you're in a rush.


Busy schedule left you with not enough time to study English? Look here to find ways to improve in just minutes a day!


Don't feel like getting out of bed to study English? Don't! Read on to find out how.


Even if you're busy, make time to read these top ten tips!


Want to learn English but keep finding excuses to actually doing it? There may be hope for you yet!

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