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English for talking about nature and the environment

The environment is in the news a lot lately. Everyone seems concerned about global warming and the impact it will have on people around the world. If you care about nature, learn to talk about the environment in English with the study materials on this page. You can get extra practice by reading some English newspaper articles about global warming or other environmental concerns. Are you worried about the Earth? Have you made any changes in your lifestyle to reduce your environmental impact? Do you think your government is doing enough to slow climate change?


Can you talk about this environmentally friendly day?


Come to class and talk about the wonderful and unusual natural phenomena in our world.


There are many ways to save the environment. What are some of the ways you know of?


“Going green” is a popular phrase in English that is used to describe a process or something that consumes less energy, or produces less waste. “Going” refers to change, like changing a manufacturing method, a product, or a lifestyle in order to make it less wasteful and polluting. “Green” is the color of nature; a universal symbol for life and renewal. Just think of a healthy, green leaf! So products, processes used to make things, companies and entire countries can “go green”. You can “go green”, too! Here are some ways you can help out the earth!


Jun and Adriana are talking about taking care of the environment. What do you do to take care of the area where you live?


You may be doing your bit to save the environment, but is your English up to the task? Find out now!

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