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English for the cinema

Watching English movies is a great way to experience real-life English and pick up new vocabulary. If you're a beginner English student, choose movies that you have already seen, or movies without too much dialog so you can follow along more easily. Turn on the English subtitles so you can read along as you listen. For more advanced English students, turn those subtitles off and make yourself listen more closely. Don't hesitate to pause and replay the sections you don't understand, or to turn on the subtitles for just that one scene so you can catch everything. If you're really serious about learning English through movies, keep a notebook handy and jot down new vocabulary and expressions to look up later. So next time you're watching an English movie, give yourself a challenge and switch off that dubbing!


Take this 5-minute quiz to test your movie English knowledge!


When we watch movies no one thinks about what goes on behind the scenes, as all we see is the end result of great characters telling us a story. Who contributes to making a movie great?


Daren and Ken are watching the oscars and talking about their favourite movies. Do you like watching movies?


Find out with our 5 minute Oscar English quiz!


Find out if you can discuss everything Hollywood

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