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Using music to learn English

If you're someone who enjoys listening to music, why not try using music to help you learn English? Songs are a great way to memorize vocabulary or to learn new expressions because they stick in your mind. Take your favorite English songs, read the lyrics and choose some words or phrases you want to learn. Look them up and once you're sure of the meaning, practice using your new expressions in other contexts. Or, if you have a vocabulary list to memorize, why not try setting the words and meanings to music? As long as you're not embarrassed to be seen singing under your breath during your English test, you're guaranteed to have a much better memory of those vocabulary words than your classmates. Have a look at the resources in this section to get more tips about how to learn English with music.


Love listening to tunes? Make learning English more upbeat!


Get into the groove with our list of useful musical terms!


The words to songs are sometimes so easy to learn we don’t even realize we are learning them. There are also so many ways to listen to music - how many different ways can you listen to your music?


Do you know what a bass guitar is or have you ever used words like ‘piano’ and ‘forte’ to describe sound?


Learning about the different types of music in the world.


Ken and Adriana are talking about their favorite music. What kind of music rocks your world?

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