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Be charming in English

Everyone appreciates a compliment if it's sincere. To impress your English-speaking colleagues and friends, give them compliments when you notice something you like about them. You'll also need to know how to give compliments in English if you're going on a date, or just flirting with that cute foreign man or woman you know. Show how friendly you are by reviewing our advice for forming proper English compliments.


In some cultures, flattery may not get you anywhere, but in English-speaking countries, you might find that a simple compliment will take you a long ways. Read on for a few easy and guaranteed ways to get on people’s good side!


Go crazy with these cool compliments!


"Congratulations!" "Well done!" "I'm so proud of you!" What other words of encouragement or actions do you take to make someone feel good about their achievements?


A few kind words can make someone’s day. Do you have what it takes to inspire? Or do you leave them crying in a corner?

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