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Phone conversations in English

For some reason, phone calls in English are much more difficult than talking to people face to face. Maybe it's because you can't read the person's expressions or get cues about their meaning from their gestures. Or maybe it's because you're already nervous before the call starts. Preparing in advance for a phone call in English is one of the best ways to overcome these difficulties. Make a list of some vocabulary and phrases you will need to get the information you want. Then review the study materials we've prepared to learn the most common phrases of telephone English. Finally, don't worry about asking people to repeat themselves or to speak more slowly when you're on the phone in English.


Jun bought a new TV but it doesn't work. She phones the customer service hotline to complain.


Learn how to make and receive telephone calls in English!


Adriana takes a call at work, but she is having trouble understanding the client who is calling.


Afraid to answer the phone? Click here and pick it up with confidence!


Take this 5-minute quiz to see how good your telephone English is!


Prepare yourself for any telephone situation with the following phrases and techniques.

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