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Improve your professional English skills with these helpful hints:

Business English for Beginners

Business English for beginners, Want to know the key to great business English? Be polite and professional! You don't have to be ... Read more

English a Boss Likes to Hear

So you've landed a much desired job in a foreign company, but every time you need to communicate ... Read more

Business English to Make People Listen

Success in business requires confidence. When you're doing business in a second language, though ... Read more

Top 5 Mistakes in Business English

In the competitive world of business, you need every advantage you can get. And flawless English can ... Read more

Business English You Should Know

Can you stay on top of all the English at your workplace? Or do you feel you’re behind in ... Read more

What English Interviewers are Looking for

If you're like most people, the prospect of a job interview alone is enough to make you nervous. But ... Read more

Five Pointers for Writing a Good CV in English

You might be perfect for the job, but if your resume isn't, you could lose out. A top-notch English ... Read more

How to Write a Good Cover Letter in English

In business, skilled negotiation can be the difference between making a million dollar contract and ... Read more

How to Negotiate in English

In business, skilled negotiation can be the difference between making a million dollar contract and ... Read more

English for Office Emergencies

There's nothing like an emergency at work to spice up another routine day at the office. Check out ... Read more

English for Business Meetings

Meetings are an important part of doing business. And if you're in a multinational company, many of ... Read more

Get What you Want at Work with English

There always comes a time when we want something at work. Whether it's a chance for more ... Read more

How to Get a Higher Salary with English

If you're offered a much-desired position at the company of your dreams, it may be tempting to agree ... Read more

5 Proven Ways to Close a Deal in English

Let's face it. Negotiation and sales is tough work, and even tougher when it's not done in your ... Read more

How to Write a Perfect Professional Email in English

Although emails are often seen as less formal than printed business letters, in the business world ... Read more

How to Criticize Gently in English

Your boss tells you that you did a bad job. Your coworker criticizes you in front of your whole ... Read more

Essential Expressions for Managing a Project in English

Whether you're a project manager or just a member of a project team, you can't avoid all the project ... Read more

How to Get One Step Ahead of Your English Boss

Your manager speaks to you. Nervousness spreads throughout your body because you recognize all the ... Read more




Tips to improve your everyday English:

English Telephone Phrases You Have to Know

If you're like most English learners, you find it difficult to make phone calls in English. But if ... Read more

SMS Messaging in English

A new trend has been popping up all over the world - on mobile phones! SMS messages are becoming as ... Read more

English to Show You Care

Life is full of special occasions where the perfect words can make a world of a difference. Some ... Read more

What Never to Say in English!

This the season for holiday gatherings, but are you ready to keep the conversation going in English? ... Read more

English for Chatting

Are you a natural conversationalist who feels no fear of chatting in English? Or, are you like most ... Read more

English Dos and Don'ts on a Date

Make sure you're ready for an evening of romance! To help you win the heart of that special ... Read more

Romantic Expressions in English

French may be the language of love, but English also has its share of romantic expressions. Here ... Read more

Is Your English Too Formal?

Does your English come across as too polite? While formal language is essential with your boss and ... Read more

English for Describing Your Mood

Are you feeling on top of the world and full of joy or depressed and down in the ... Read more

How to Make Someone's Day in English

What's one of the best ways to start a conversation in English? Give a compliment! Tell somebody you ... Read more

How to Say No in English

Has this ever happened to you? Your boss asks if you can spend all night at a dinner meeting even ... Read more

How to Cancel Your Plans in English

Canceling plans can be awkward in any language. Maybe you have to break them for a good reason ... Read more



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