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Pricing and Study Plans

Learn what each of our study plans offer and select the option that is best for you.

What's included?


Trial Member

$1 for 14 Days


Online School

$99 for 9 months


Private Teacher

Free Consultation


16 Levels of online English Learning from Beginner to Advanced


Personal Study Plan and Progress Report


Results certified by Hult International Business School


Access to the EF Englishtown international learning community


Interactive Study Materials


Intensive Preparation for TOEFL/TOEIC


Additional Online Classes Available


Job-Specific English


Group Classes


Private Classes


Business English

Fastest Results

Custom Built Curriculum


Free, speak with your advisor

Offer Details

$1 USD for the first 14 days.
$69 USD after trial period.
Unlimited access + 20 Group Classes.

$99 Offer for 9 months
Unlimited access + 1 Private Class + 1 Group Class.

Private Teacher
Get full study plan, Study advisor, progress report.

Free consultation

What is our Online School study plan?

The EF Englishtown Online School is the best option for learners of all levels who are looking for great value. By choosing our Online School package, you'll have complete access to our school, including 20 Group Classes each month with our native English speaking or skilled bilingual teachers and same-level students from all over the world. We have more than 600 videos to teach you real-world English in context, plus speech recognition technology to help you instantly improve your pronunciation. Additionally, our Online School provides hundreds of hours of interactive study tools, offering incredible value, and allowing you to improve your English in an easy and fun way.

What is our Private Teacher study plan?

Our Private Teacher option includes Private Classes, in addition to all of our Online School features. Private Classes are 40-minute one-to-one sessions with our expert English teachers. This is the best option if you want to improve your English skills as quickly as possible. Our native English speaking and skilled bilingual teachers prepare each class according to your needs; you simply have to schedule your class and choose the topic of your preference. By choosing this study plan you will also have access to the TOEFL/TOEIC, Business English and job-specific courses, to help you target your learning and gain practical English, fast. EF Englishtown Private Teacher includes 12, 24, 48, 100, 150 or 200 Private Classes.

What is a Group Class?

Every hour of every day, you can log in to our virtual classroom and join a teacher-led Group Class. Each Group Class is a 45-minute interactive lesson led by one of our native English speaking or skilled bilingual teachers, and focuses on a specific skill each day. Your teacher will show you slides on the topic of the day, and you can ask questions, talk to your classmates and get expert advice from your teacher.

What is a Private Class?

A Private Class is a one-to-one conversation lesson with one of our supportive teachers, giving you the opportunity to practice your spoken English with a skilled bilingual or native English speaker. Each class is 40 minutes long, providing you plenty of time to improve your conversation skills and perfect your pronunciation. You can select the class time, topic and teacher that best suits your needs. Because our teachers are based all over the world, there's a language expert available for you 24/7.

How does a monthly subscription work?

By subscribing to one of the above study plans, you will benefit from the all features of that plan every month. After your free trial, you will be billed every month the amount corresponding to your chosen program. Alternatively, if you have chosen our 3, 6, or 9-month study plan, you can expect to pay just one up-front fee. For students on a monthly study plan, all teacher-led classes are "use them or lose them". This means that you cannot accumulate or transfer classes from one month to the next and your lesson count will reset every month.

Am I able to customize my study plan?

Our expert study advisors are always happy to discuss your learning needs, and design a personalized study plan that's right for you. You can reach our study advisors at 1-888-258-7088.

How do I cancel?

Unless you have subscribed to pre-paid or long term study plan, all of our monthly plans can be cancelled at any time. To cancel you simply need to call our study advisors on 1-888-258-7088. For pre-paid offers please refer to Terms and Conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my trial work?
To start your trial, we ask you to provide some identity and payment information which we will process securely. Once that process is completed, you'll receive instant access to our school. We will charge you just $1 for your trial, and should you wish to continue your studies with us once your trial ends, we'll charge you the regular monthly fee of $69. You can cancel at any time during your trial or monthly subscription period.

What if I want to cancel?
To cancel during your trial, all you need to do is log into the school and request to cancel your subscription via the "My Account" page within the school. Once you have a monthly subscription, you can also request to cancel at the end of each month via the My Account page. Should you request your cancellation before your month is over, we will ensure you have access to EF Englishtown until the end of your paid period.

How do I pay, and are my payments secure?
You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. The security of your payment and personal information is very important to us, so we follow generally accepted industry standards to protect it at all times. You can find out more information by reading our Privacy Policy.

Student Testimonials

"After trying out three different English learning schools and researching other online schools, I decided to try out EF Englishtown. I also bought books to self-study English, yet the materials of EF Englishtown are much higher quality than my books."

EF Englishtown student

"The ability to study 24/7 is critical given the demands work places on my time. I have a heavy travel schedule and find myself in transit most weekends. I make sure that I take Group and Private Classes on a regular basis to support what I learn though the online exercises. I consider them to be vital."

EF Englishtown student

"I enrolled in a school I attended once a week for face-to-face lessons. I found my progress to be slow, so I opted for EF Englishtown and have found much more success using its method."

EF Englishtown student

EF Research Unit at University of Cambridge

EF has established a research unit at the University of Cambridge Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics to collaborate on fundamentally improving the way students learn English.

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