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A skilled English teacher available on your schedule

All of our native English speaking and skilled bilingual teachers are passionate about teaching English, and are specially trained to help students like you to learn online. 

Because they're based all over the globe, there is a friendly, professional EF Englishtown teacher available 24/7 to support you on your learning journey.

Meet some of the teachers who help our students in Group or Private Classes …

Chat with Natasha

Natasha has been teaching with EF Englishtown since March 2012, but she always knew she was well suited for the role. “I really needed to challenge myself and combined with my interest in culture, I found that teaching English was ideal. I used to teach dance, so I think that somewhere in me there is 'an educator calling'." She values the “professional yet friendly” relationship she has with her students.


What's best part about being an EF Englishtown teacher? 

“I absolutely love when a student says: 'Thank you teacher, now I know how to …' Knowing that a student has walked away from a lesson having learned something new is heart-warming.”

How would Natasha describe the role of an EF Englishtown teacher?
“As teachers, we should be compassionate and understanding towards the people we meet every day online because we are the pioneers who make a difference in their lives. We give them courage to continue learning English. I think we should be able to erase their fear and enable their abilities by pushing them and providing them with the necessary tools they need.”

How does Natasha put a nervous student at ease?
“I usually ask them a personal question about family or activities they do for fun. I try to find a common interest we may have and chuckle over it to show them that humor is accepted. Learning English should be fun and this allows them to relax more.”

How would Natasha describe a successful student?
“Those who study a minimum of twice a week online and apply what they’ve learned through repetition are often more successful. Those who communicate regularly at work or school progress a lot faster too. Successful students are also commonly more curious in class, they ask tons of questions, sometimes questions that I’m thrown by - but in turn I learn a thing or two as well.”

Learn with Laura L.

As an American living in Brazil, Laura understands the challenges of travelling abroad and learning a new language. It’s this understanding, along with 25 years of teaching experience, that makes her such a valued part of our teaching team.


Laura has been teaching English since 1986. In 2007 a friend recommended working for EF Englishtown, and she found that she really enjoyed teaching students online. What’s the best part about teaching in our school? “It’s culturally enlightening. I feel personally enriched by relating to different students. Teaching online allows me to talk to someone in Greece or Japan, and really ‘be there’ with them.”

What are Laura’s top study tips for students?
"If you’re a beginner, use the EF Englishtown Pronunciation Lab tool until saying the words becomes automatic. Practice phrases until you can ‘think’ them in English, that’s when you know you’ve really learned them.

For intermediate students, don’t try to be too sophisticated with your language too soon. Be patient and use the language you know well, rather than the language you’d like to know.

And for students on our more advanced levels, make your language as sophisticated as possible. Use a variety of sentence structures and vocabulary to express yourself as proficiently as possible, don’t be lazy with your language!"

How does Laura help her students to stay motivated?
"If you’re struggling to get motivated, start by learning some language you really enjoy, or select some key skills you need to practice. Ask yourself 'What tasks will I need to perform in English next month?' then focus on those areas. It’s also important to take time to notice your own progress, and congratulate yourself on how far you’ve come." 


Explore with Laura R.

Laura has been teaching English for over 30 years, including 12 years with EF Englishtown. This depth of knowledge, combined with her experience of working in both the US and UK, make Laura a real expert in teaching everyday English.


Laura is currently living in Argentina and has a vast experience teaching multi-cultural classes in the US and UK, and writing materials for students and teachers in Hong Kong.

She really likes the flexibility of teaching online. “Every day offers a new challenge. It’s a pleasure to teach because I meet people from different walks of life and always learn something new.”

What are the benefits of Group and Private Classes, according to Laura?
"Most students are focused on speaking and listening”. Group Classes are shared by students from all over the world, which creates a ‘real world’ atmosphere to practice in.

And what's the secret of success?
“Successful students set up a routine and study on a regular basis. They complete all of the exercises in each unit to get plenty of practice. My advice to students: Try not to be too anxious, learning a foreign language takes time! Keep a positive attitude about your learning. Try to focus on what you do know, rather than on what you don’t.” 

Say “Hello” to Zo

Zo has a passion for gaining and sharing knowledge, especially when it comes to language learning. She understands that English can open her students up to an entirely new world. “I love learning and teaching people. Being able to see someone grasp some truth or concept is an amazing experience and it makes me proud to be part of something greater than myself.”


What does Zo enjoy most about being an EF Englishtown teacher?
“I most enjoy the fact that I am able to change someone’s life, even in a small way; whether it’s helping them learn a new word or helping them understand the difference between 'your'and 'you’re'."

How would Zo describe the experience of teaching English? “It is about freeing someone from a world they were not used to and enabling them to find a bigger, better world from the one they know. It is also to help someone prove to themselves that they can do anything they put their mind to.”

How does Zo help encourage the students she meets in her classes?
“I try my best to make people feel comfortable and give all in the class a fair chance to speak and raise their concerns. I also laugh with them and assure them that making mistakes is part of the learning process and this helps them relax. I also find that assuring and commending them appropriately throughout the class boosts their confidence and helps them to be less hard on themselves.”

What is Zo's advice to current and potential students?
“Be open-minded. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. The teacher is there to help you and not to judge you. Speak as often as you can. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; we love it.”


Study with Victor

Victor has been teaching with now EF Englishtown for 7 months. He loves the fact that teaching English allows him to work abroad, and to meet inspiring students from all over the world. His favorite part about teaching online? “You have all the available resources at the click of a button.”


What does Victor like most about being an EF Englishtown teacher?
“Being able to help students understand a complex part of grammar and to be able to see their gradual improvement in the language.”

What’s the role of an EF Englishtown teacher?
“An EF Englishtown teacher should act as a facilitator, enabling students to learn in an environment which is safe and comfortable as well as providing all the necessary tools to allow opportunities for further self-study.”

How would Victor describe a successful student?
“The student needs to be self-motivated and they need to have a keen interest in the language. They also need to take responsibility for their own learning in terms of doing additional reading and revision after the live classes. I have a student who recently started studying English. She is very keen on the language and she wants to communicate with relatives who live abroad. She pays a lot of attention during the classes and she learns from her mistakes. She also does revision after the class in order to ensure that she has understood the content during the lesson.”

What's Victor’s best study advice?
“When you like and want to do something, you will aim to achieve it. Self-motivation is the key to achieve success in anything.”

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EF has established a research unit at the University of Cambridge Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics to collaborate on fundamentally improving the way students learn English.

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