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EF Shanghai Deaf Charity Press Release

【Sep.8, 2011】Today, EF Education First, in collaboration with the Shanghai Charity Foundation, co-sponsored the opening of the "Shanghai Community Project for Deaf Children," sharing its goal of "helping disadvantaged students to learn languages." The donation comes from the EF Education First Global Classroom Foundation, which was established to assist in the education of children around the world.

EF Education First Global Classroom Foundation invested 1 million RMB as seed money for language training and special equipment, helping deaf children take part in the normal school curriculum. In total, three institutions for the death, in Shanghai, Minhang District, and Chongming District, will be the recipients for the funding. This grant represent EF's first step, starting with China, but with plans to extend similar aid to centers around the world.

Fang Guoping, vice Chairman and Secretary-general of SCF, Jin Minzhu, vice Chairman of SCF, Ming Chen, Executive Vice President of EF Asia, and Liu Wei, Champion of the first China’s Got Talent and pianist without arms attended the ceremony, offering their encouragement and support to the students and parents. At the ceremony, Ming briefly spoke in support of the initiative. “Global Classroom Foundation was established to support children who do not have normal access to education due to economic, health or family reasons. Offering equal education opportunities will help break the barriers in language, culture and geography. This has always been EF’s philisophy and mission and we are honored to help change the lives of these children.” Yao Wubin, the EF student who has cerebral palsy but managed to learn seven foreign languages by himself, also attended the event together with his mother. At the scene, Yao expresses his appreciation to EF Global Classroom Foundation for helping him realize his dreams and build confidence. “I’ll study English harder to realize my dream of becoming a qualified translator. I won’t let EF’s teachers, all of whom have offered me tremendous support, down”, said Yao Wubin.

According to China Disabled Persons' Federation, there are 27.8 million people with hearing disorders. Over 200,000 thousand preschool children have hearing disabilities, and every year, sees 23,000 more cases. These children live in a silent world, with two thirds being denied normal treatment and education. Rehabilitation facilities, especially language training devices, for deaf children urgently need investment and development, especially because rehabilitation of deaf children is most effective before age six. The Community Fund for the Deaf by EF Global Classroom Foundation is devoted to improving special education and school conditions. We sincerely hope to offer equal education opportunities to deaf children and to support them through rehabiliation.

According to Ming, EF has planned to set up the Global Classroom Foundation since the Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008. On Mar. 6, 2011, EF has launched the “Dream Scholarship” to donate English courses worth 100 RMB to 100 ECNU students with financial difficulties. EF has always considered underlined the importance of “pay it forward” charity. EF both assists students in financial need, knowing that these students will pass on the love and care to others, especially the less fortunate. In addition, EF has organized ECNU students on scholarship to volunteer with the rehabilitation of deaf children. EF also plans to provide deaf children with professional foreign teachers, specializing for each age group, to fill in the blanks of English teaching in Deaf Health Centers. Ming says that EF “pay it forward” charity will always be fundamental to EF’s social responsibility initiatives.

About EF English First
Established in 1965, EF aims to "break the barriers in language, culture and geography". EF started one of the first privately-run English training schools in China in 1993. Today, EF has grown into the world's largest private education organization, with over 15 million students in over 400 schools, covering more than 50 countries. EF operates language schools, degree programs, educational travel and cultural exchange programs around the world. Originally conceived in collaboration with Apple, EF's Efekta(TM) System is the world's most advanced English learning method and is used to power EF's language schools and online English courses at In addition to helping 1,200 corporations with English training, EF was the Official Language Training Supplier to the Beijing Olympics and is helping Brazil prepare for the 2014 World Cup.

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