Englishtown Corporate English Training Is Trusted by Top Global Corporations
It is important for employees in global corporations to possess good English communication skill. Corporations will normally emphasize more on what benefits the training can bring instead of the money they have to spend. Many of the world's most successful corporations sought the English learning solutions from Englishtown and EF, and have already received significant benefits from the innovative learning technology brought by us. There's no doubt that Englishtown Corporate English Training has been trustable and reliable to any top global corporations.
Fabienne Jungman/Global Training Manager/ABInBev Belgium
Manuela Rodrigues/Head of Training Department
Syenn Age Lokken/Head of Information Department/Xerox U.S.A.
Tailor-Made Corporate English Training Solutions

EF and Englishtown have rich corporate training experience, we can provide the best customized solutions to meet different training targets of different companies.

We provide comprehensive products and services to meet the demand and budget of different companies. In order to provide you a set of highly flexible English language training solution, we consolidate testing, counseling and report systems, to link up with the online English Virtual Classes, writing lessons as well as other learning tools, as well as the services provided by our learning centers including the Face-to-Face lessons, workshops, and Life Club events.

One-stop Service to Meet Your Training Requirement
Once a corporation choose our services, we will setup a specialized corporate servicing team for them. This service team will monitor your corporate account starting from the initial design of the training programs, pre-training guidance, progress tracking and management during the training, until the final "Apply" stage. Our professional team will service you anytime, anywhere, to give you professional advice and ensure you can achieve your training target with high standards.
High Return on Investment with Good Training Result

Englishtown and EF provide a significant learning result to the industry. Our student report indicates that:

  • Productivity: employees can save an average of two working hours per week by completing an English level.
  • Return on investment: Each employee can save US$ 2,250 per year (based on an average annual salary of $ 46,000 in the U.S) upon completing an English level.
  • Improvement: Each student can complete three English levels annually in average
  • High Efficiency: 86% of the students said the improvement in their English skill can help them to achieve goals at work.
  • Confidence: 87% of the students revealed that the improvement in English could help to strengthen their confidence and become capable of handling additional responsibilities at work.
  • Immediate return: As we adopt task-completion learning method, 93% of our students think that they can immediately apply what they have learnt to their work.
  • Competitive advantage: The competitiveness of a company can be improved by improving the communication skill and team work of their employees.
Our Prestigious Clients

As part of EF, we draw upon a 50- year legacy of academic excellence and innovative language learning, we help many large multinational corporations and government agencies to break the language barriers. The significant and effective training results allow Englishtown and EF earn a good reputation in corporate training. This is also the reason why nearly 2000 enterprises trusted us to provide English training to their employees.

As a global language training provider, our corporate clients come from different professions, such as government agencies, finance and business, telecommunications, food processing industry, etc. We have provided language training services for some top global companies including Google, HSBC, Motorola, Microsoft, McDonald's, Nestle, etc., aiming to enhance the English communication skill of employees and strengthen their competitiveness in the market.

Isabella Zhang  Budweiser

“EF meets our requirements on English training. We are very satisfied with the training from EF, especially Englishtown’s online school which is cost-effective and efficient. ”
- Isabella Zhang Budweiser -

Darrell Minards  Xerox

“We looked at eight language training providers. Finally, we chose EF as our partner. The greatest advantage of EF is that our employees can have English language training wherever they are in the world. ”
- Darrell Minards Xerox -

Jac Boumeester  Philips

“We see the excellent training results from EF. Our staff not only communicate with each other more frequently and work more efficiently, but also provide better service to our customers.”
- Jac Boumeester Philips -

Our corporate clients come from all professions including:

From now until 15 Apr 2018, the first 50 people who enroll in our designated English course can get an iPad or iPhone SE for free! Contact our course consultant now!
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15 From now until 15 Apr 2018, the first 50 people who enroll in our designated English course can get an iPad or iPhone SE for free!
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