Try to practise English with our English teachers

The second stage in SMART Learning System is to "Try", once you have completed one learning unit on iLab, you can then meet our English teacher in the Smart Class to practise what you have learnt and to further strengthen your English skills.

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How to "Try"?

Students can make bookings for the Face-to-Face classes and Workshops through Englishtown's Online Booking Engine (OBOE) or “My EF Center” app. Alternatively, you can also attend the English Virtual Class or online private lessons using a PC, tablet or smartphone with the “EF Classroom” app to talk with teachers and classmates from around the world, online.

To practise what students have just learnt, there is nothing better than joining our Face-to-Face classes. The Face-to-Face classes provide opportunities for students to interact with a maximum of 6 students in a similar level and our native English teacher in an English environment. Teacher will listen and make corrections for students instantly and guide them to speak English fluently. Sign up now!

More practices from the Face-to-Face classes

Face-to-Face Class is available at Service Centres everyday, each class is formed by a maximum of 6 students in a similar level and led by one of our English teacher. Students will have more chances to practice English and communicate with others through small group discussion. During the class, teachers will also point out the mistakes students have made and make corrections instantly.

Why are students eager to speak during workshops? During the lesson, our English teacher will lead students to discuss or express their opinion towards a recent hot topic. Students can be trained to speak in a group which could enhance their English presentation skills and build up confidence to present to a large group of people. Free Trial!

Gain more speaking opportunity in Workshop

Each workshop can accommodate a maximum of 25 students with similar levels and led by one English teacher. Students can improve their English skills by practising in some real life imitation scene, group discussion and interactive activities. Students are encouraged to participate in the discussion, and to build up confidence gradually through trial and error.

What's the strength of "English Virtual Classes"? You can talk to our teachers 24 hours a day, wherever you are, all you need is a computer and a headset! Our experienced teachers could help to solve your English difficulties anytime, and you can chat with classmates from around the world, don't you think it is the best way to learn? Free Trial!

English Virtual Classes are available 24 hours daily

The English Virtual Classes(EVC) are available 24 hours a day. No matter if it is 3am or 6pm, students can still attend the EVCs on a PC, tablet or smartphone. We have approximately 20,000 experienced teachers, from around the world, available to provide EVCs everyday. The EVC provides an opportunity for students at similar English-speaking abilities to learn English and experience western culture with classmates from around the world.

From now until 15 Apr 2018, the first 50 people who enroll in our designated English course can get an iPad or iPhone SE for free! Contact our course consultant now!
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15 From now until 15 Apr 2018, the first 50 people who enroll in our designated English course can get an iPad or iPhone SE for free!
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