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September 1, 2016

EF Englishtown brings community professional English education
by sponsoring English Courses to Hong Kong Athletes for the 10th Consecutive Year

August 19, 2016

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Improve your English in order to strengthen your career competitiveness

August 4, 2016

The high flexibility of Englishtown's Integrated English Course could help to enhance students' English proficiency comprehensively

August 3, 2016

Geng Xiao Ling wishes to promote Wushu to the world by studying English

April 29, 2016

Job Market
Enhancing English levels for better post-athletic careers development
April 26, 2016 Recruit
EF Englishtown helps Hong Kong athletes to prepare for post-athletics careers after retirement
EF Englishtown sponsors Hong Kong athletes to improve English for better post-athletic career development

April 24, 2016

EF Englishtown sponsors Hong Kong athletes to learn English

Feb 26, 2016

Job Market
Speaking fluent English can help in both education and career development
1 June 2015 EF Englishtown Sponsors English Courses to Hong Kong Athletes for the 9th Consecutive Year
Committed to Corporate Social Responsibility, Englishtown Brings Community Professional Education
13 November 2015 EF EPI Index 2014 – Press Conference
English language proficiency has plunged in Hong Kong. The gap between China's and Hong Kong's scores has narrowed
15 November 2013 Job Market
Hong Kong's English standards are lagging behind Singapore, Malaysia, and India. It now sits fourth in Asia and it has been suggested that we enhance our unique advantage of using two standard written languages and three standard spoken languages, in order to raise our standing.
(Chinese version only)
5 November 2013 EF EPI English Proficiency Index 2013 - Press Event
Hong Kong English level drops slightly as Mandarin rises
5 June 2013 Metro Daily
Get prepared before studying overseas (Chinese version only)
31 May 2013 Ming Pao
A good command of English is a basic employment criteria
Englishtown's Efekta system is the most effective English learning methodology
(Chinese version only)
30 April 2013 Hong Kong Economic Times
Senior management has spent limited time studying English due to their heavy workload
The declining standard of our English may hit our competitiveness on the global stage
(Chinese version only)
1 February 2013 Jiu Jik "Education and Careers Expo 2013" Supplement
Dynamic Learning of Real English(Chinese version only)
18 December 2012 Metro Daily
Hong Kong people have to catch up! (Chinese version only)
30 November 2012 Job Market
The declining standard of English in Hong Kong (Chinese version only)
9 November 2012 Recruit
TOEFL & BULATS Study Tips (Chinese version only)
25 October 2012 《EF EPI English Proficiency Index 2012》- Wake-up call for Hong Kong
Hong Kong’s English proficiency was ranked 25th and described as ‘moderate proficiency level?
2 September 2011 TopTenREVIEWS Research site
Englishtown has been ranked No.1 for “English Learning Websites”
17 February 2011 Recruit "Education and Careers Expo 2011" Supplement
Englishtown's Efekta system helps you pave your career path (Chinese version only)
17 February 2011 Jiu Jik "Education and Careers Expo 2011" Supplement
Learn, Try and Apply – the easiest way to learn Real English (Chinese version only)
11 February 2011 Job Market
Improve your all-round English skills, Bring English into your Life (Chinese version only)
18 January 2011 Job Market
Employers say "English is the basic entrance requirement" (Chinese version only)
16 September 2010 Sing Tao Daily
Increased Workplace English Proficiency Makes your Work Smoother (Chinese version only)
10 August 2010 Recruit
Generation Y learns English in a way suited to their needs (Chinese version only)
6 July 2010 Metro Daily
Act Now to Improve Your Workplace English (Chinese version only)
28 May 2010 Career Times
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