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Course Overview

By choosing Englishtown, you open yourself to a world of diverse and entertaining online learning options. Unlike traditional schools, all the classes, activities and progress reports are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can access your course whenever and wherever you are, as long as there’s internet access.

Online English Study Tools

Blended Study Tools

We have done extensive research on how to bring you to the highest level of English speaking proficiency in the shortest amount of time possible. That's why our award winning school blends self-guided online English courses that will proactively drive your reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary skills forward with teacher-led classes that will help you practice speaking and listening to English.

That means, with us, you get the best of both worlds: maximum independence complemented by structured support.

Group Conversation Class

Conversation classes

English conversation classes are one of the most popular parts of Englishtown because that's where you get to speak and hear authentic, everyday English. The classes start every hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Everyday the English conversation groups discuss a different topic, led by a native English speaking or skilled bilingual teacher. Once you've signed up with our English speaking course, you can start at any time and you don't need to book in advance.

On average our English conversation groups have 4 to 5 students. It's a relaxed environment where you meet and chat in English with students who have similar goals. To join an English conversation class right now, all you need is a headset or speakers and a microphone.

Sign up for the trial now to check out a conversation class.

Private Conversation Class

Private tutoring

This is the one-on-one environment to facilitate individuals looking for rapid improvement. You have complete freedom of choice and get faster results by selecting your teachers, time, frequency and topics.

Students in our private lessons are focused on reaching work-related targets or looking to fulfill any number of personal aspirations. If your primary requirement is rapid progress, we recommend hiring an Englishtown private teacher. There is a diverse range of options available through our various packages.

You don't need to feel shy about talking in front of other students. And since the spotlight is on your own specific requirements, your progress will be even faster.

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Videos and Learning Activities

In addition to teacher-led classes, Englishtown provides you with a wide range of online learning activities. Each activity in your English course is fun, effective and engaging. You'll learn about a range of topics, practice your new English speaking skills and get instant feedback. Say goodbye to boredom!

A Video-Based Online English Course

Video Based English Lessons

As English courses evolve in the 21st century and adapt to new technology, here at Englishtown we are determined to stay ahead of the curve.

That's why we went all the way to Hollywood to produce the videos for our online English courses. You may be sitting at your desk at work, or on the couch at home; diving in to our video-based lessons will take you on a fascinating tour around the English-speaking world.

Englishtown offers you the largest English learning video curriculum ever made anywhere. Our 500 mini movies feature real people in everyday situations using authentic English. The movies are a fresh and exciting way for you to learn to speak English online.

Try our online English speaking course for FREE

English listening exercises

English listening comprehension

The goal of every English learner is communication. English listening comprehension is a key skill in that equation.

Each unit of our online English course is punctuated with exercises to test your understanding of video and audio clips. Because you get feedback instantly, you understand your mistakes and can correct them before moving on to the next unit. This method improves your English listening skills in a low-stress environment.

English Vocabulary Building Exercises

English Vocabulary Building Exercises

Words are the bricks in the foundation of your English speaking skills. We want you to have fun while building a solid base. With this in mind, we've developed a wide range of interactive English vocabulary building tools, used throughout our English course online at all skill levels.

Using these vocabulary tools you can be sure we will keep you motivated till you're speaking English like a native!

Click here to start a free 7 day trial of our online English course

English Grammar Guide

English Grammar Guide

Our English grammar guide is one of the most popular tools in our online English course. The guide is part of your navigation as you move through every lesson, so you can look up English usage rules and examples whenever you have a question. Instead of memorizing grammatical rules, you get just-in-time grammar, right when you need it and in just the right dose.

English vocabulary memorization tools

English vocabulary flashcards

Memorizing English vocabulary is often dull and repetitive. We've built a dynamic, customizable flashcard application to spice up this necessary task.

Throughout your online English course you'll be presented with vocabulary relevant to each new lesson. This vocabulary can be imported into your personal flashcard deck and sorted by how confident you feel about your mastery of it. Each card has an audio recording of the pronunciation & a definition of the word or expression. You can use them both for memorization and as a practice test. Any cards you want to study offline can be printed in a compact format. Or if you have an i-Phone, import your English vocabulary list into our flashcard app.

Sign up for a free trial of our English course to try out the Flashcards

The English pronunciation lab

English Pronunciation Lab

When you sign up for an online English speaking course, you expect to get plenty of help with your pronunciation. Our English pronunciation lab will meet and exceed those expectations through it's cleverly-presented suite of tools to tweak your accent, phoneme by phoneme.

In the lab, watch hundreds of short videos of native speakers' mouths as they form English sounds and words clearly. You can choose to see British or American pronunciations of each phoneme. Once you've listened to the sound several times, practice yourself with a mirror, then use the lab to make a recording which you can compare to the native speaker. Keep practicing until your accent matches the teacher's. It's just this kind of meticulous, attentive work that will take your English to the next level.

Sign up for a free 7 day online English course to access the Pronunciation Lab

English Grammar Lab

English Grammar Lab

Our English Grammar Lab has a collection of engaging video clips illustrating grammar rules and common mistakes. If the current lesson in your online English course is causing you headaches, the grammar lab is a great place to sort out what you've been getting wrong in a relaxed and nonjudgmental environment.

By practicing in the English grammar lab regularly, you will quickly solidify your understanding of the structural rules of English and grow your self-confidence.

Start today - our English courses online are open to you for the next 7 days at absolutely no cost

English Writing Test

English Writing Test

Our English writing test gives you detailed feedback on your English writing, grammar and comprehension skills.

At the end of each unit, we will ask you to write about a topic related to the English course material you have just covered. Upload your text and, within 2 days, you will have our detailed feedback on how you did. Your English teacher will have scored your article and suggested specific steps you should take to further improve your English. It's a nice culmination to completing a unit, touching base with your teacher and hearing how your English is progressing.

Speak to an online course consultant about your English learning objectives

Student Progress Reports

Student Progress Reports

We know how important it is to be able to monitor your progress so you can celebrate your language victories and focus on areas of weakness. It is for this very reason that we compile the results of every single test and exercise that you complete during your online English course into a single unified student progress report.

No offline school could ever give you such a comprehensive view of your achievements and your areas of weakness. It's a key element in our efforts to bring you faster to your English learning goals. Use it as your motivational secret weapon!

Sounds good! Sign me up for an English course for a free 7 -day trial!

English Learner's Notebook

English Learner's Notebook

Our new and improved English learner's notebook is a versatile vocabulary aid, doubling as a translator and flashcards. From your notebook you can access over 70,000 words from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary! Just one click displays full details of the pronunciation, definition, part of speech and common use of a word. You'll soon find that you don't go anywhere in your online English course without your handy notebook by your side.

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Englishtown Business English Units

Business English Modules

We've added 21 brand new business English units plus industry-specific topics to complete our online English course. The lessons focus on a wide range of key aspects of professional communication, including how to conduct meetings, negotiations and presentations. The new units feature fresh content illustrated by exciting new mini movies, while following the same structure as the lessons in our general English courses.

Try out the new Business English modules

General English Units

English Unit Overviews

We've added a unit overview to the start of each lesson that lets you preview the upcoming unit. It's a fantastic way to get ahead by seeing, in advance, exactly what target language you will need. Inside the overview is an introduction to the unit, a list of the vocabulary you will encounter and explanations of the specific language, grammar and pronunciation points you will learn. You can even download and save the unit overview, in PDF format, for review after class. This new feature makes your online English course even more comprehensive.

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Your new, portable school has arrived!

Your new, portable school has arrived!

Englishtown 10 courses are now available on iPad, with new activity designs that make learning feel truly effortless. So change the way you learn. Put us in your pocket.*

*The Englishtown 10 iPad courses are available for free for active, registered students. All you need is to download the EF Englishtown 10 app from the iTunes store, and a Wi-Fi connection.



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