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Online SchoolTM

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Private TeacherTM

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20 Online group speaking lessons per month
Interactive English courses for all levels
Online progress reporting and automated coaching
Certificate by Hult Business School
International member community access
Up to 100 1-on-1 private lessons  
Custom-built curriculum  
Special business English and TOEIC/TOEFL modules  
Industry specific courses  
Key advantages Yes Fastest results
Enrollment Process - Free, speaking to your advisor
Standard Price: US$69 per month
Free 7 -day Trial
Starting from US$79 per month
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Our innovative solution is trusted by industry leaders across 120 countries.

What is Online School?

The Englishtown Online School™ is the best option if you want to learn English, spending less. By choosing this package, you’ll have complete access to our online school, including 30 conversation group classes with native English speaking or skilled bilingual teachers, plus students from all over the world. We have more than 500 videos produced in Hollywood, speech recognition technology, and more than 1,500 hours of interactive content, among other learning tools. This option has a great cost benefit and will allow you to become fluent in English in an easy and fun way.

What is Private Teacher?

The Private Teacher option includes private classes, as well as all Online School features. This is the best option if you want to learn English as fast as possible. Our native English speaking and skilled bilingual teachers prepare each class according to your needs - you just have to schedule your lesson and choose the topic of your preference. In addition, by choosing this package you will also have access to the TOEFL/TOEIC, business English and industry-specific modules. Englishtown Private Teacher includes 12, 24, 48 or 100 private classes.

What is a group lesson?

Every hour of every day, simply log in to our Virtual Classroom to join a teacher-led conversation class. Each conversation class is a 45-minute interactive group lesson led by one of our native English speaking or skilled bilingual  teachers and focuses on a specific skill. Your teacher will show you slides on the topic of the day - and you can ask questions, talk to your classmates and get personal advice from your teacher.

What is a private lesson?

With an Englishtown Private Teacher™, you have unlimited access to all of the resources of our Online School™ such as interactive study tools and group conversation classes, but you also benefit from intensive one-on-one lessons with a personal tutor. With a private teacher you'll reach a higher level of fluency, faster. Our private teachers customize your lessons for situations relevant to your life and goals, from meeting and interview preparation to negotiation skills and travel fluency.

What do I get in my free trial?

Simple. You get everything you would as a full-time student pro-rated for a week.

How does the monthly subscription work?

By subscribing to one of the above plans, you will benefit from the all features of that plan every month. After your free trial, you will be billed every month the amount corresponding to your chosen program. All conversation classes are "use them or loose them", this means that you cannot cumulate or transfer classes from one month to the next and your lesson count will reset every month.

These offers are not quite right for me - can I get a custom plan?

If you don't think the plans above suit you needs, we are happy to discuss those needs with you in person and customize a plan for you. To contact us, use any of the means set out above.

What about cancellations?

Unless you have subscribed to long term programs, all our monthly plans can be cancelled at any time. To cancel you simply need to call our consultants.

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