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Master Spoken English

What do all fluent English speakers have in common? Confidence. A sureness that as they speak the full meaning of the words exchanged will be clear. Now you can have that confidence too when speaking English.

Business professionals speaking English in a real life situation

Learn the English the world speaks.

The reason native English speakers are confident is because they know they are speaking "real" English. English that is culturally correct. English that is appropriate for the social, professional and academic situations they find themselves in. And that's what you'll get at Englishtown.

Take a tour of Englishtown now.

Our Efekta™ system focuses on developing English speaking skills

Solid Foundations build Fluent English Speakers.

To launch yourself into the world of opportunity that proficient English speakers enjoy, you need a solid grounding. Whether it's grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation or any other facet of English, at Englishtown you can learn, listen to, and then, crucially, practice, each one. That's why our Efekta™ learning system works so well: we lead you down the interactive path to full English fluency with results that will blow you away!

Join an online conversation class and start speaking English today!

Screenshots of the Englishtown 10 English speaking training program

Language evolves. So does Englishtown.

Englishtown occupies a special place at the cutting edge of online English learning. In the same way that we give you the latest tools to make your studying effective and fun, we also make sure the course content is always relevant and current. The expressions you learn when you study with us are the exact English spoken in New York, London and Sydney. Taking a constantly-updated online English course you're not going to find the outdated, stale content in a printed textbook.

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Englishtown gets you speaking English from day 1

Faster. Better. Easier.

Our goal at Englishtown is to accelerate your progress. To do that, we combine a customized study plan with flexible schedules and content that is perfectly matched to your ability and requirements. The result? You reach full English fluency 50% faster than you would using traditional learning methods.

Talk to a course consultant today about how to improve your English speaking abilities.

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