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Learn to speak English, online

Englishtown is where goal-oriented students come to master real English in the shortest possible time. Our online courses are ideal for language learning. From absolute beginners to near-fluent speakers, we help people at every level to improve. Your time with Englishtown will leave you confident and articulate in a new language.

Speedy, Systematic & Certified

Englishtown gets you to your language destination fast! This means learning happens at a pace that suits you. Log on at any time. With Englishtown, we work around your schedule, not the other way around. Once you feel confident about the concepts being taught, speed up to the next activity. Or, when needed, slow down so you have enough time and practice to fully understand the lesson.

Extensive research has shown us how to bring you to the highest level of English speaking proficiency in the shortest possible time. Confidence is key! That's why we blend self-guided online courses with teacher-led sessions where you practice speaking English and listening to the language .

After the work comes the reward! The university-certified diploma you get from Englishtown is more than just a piece of paper. It's proof of your English speaking ability - and a passport to much brighter prospects, anywhere in the world.

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Speedy, Systematic & Certified
Illustrative Video Lessons

Illustrative Video Lessons

Within our16 different levels you will find activities and lessons to suit every standard of English proficiency. Each lesson starts with a real-life situation simulated by native English-speaking actors. These mini-movies introduce new vocabulary and grammar naturally. Once you see how the language is used in real life, you are ready for the next step. Complete the video exercises and move on.

Show me an Englishtown video lesson

Practice Multiple Skills for All-Round Development

Englishtown then takes you on a holistic exploration of the language you’ve just learned. It’s not only grammar and vocabulary. You also get to practice reading, writing, and pronunciation of key words and phrases. There are voice recognition activities too!

Enroll in a free trial today for a taste of the Englishtown experience!

Practice Multiple Skills for All-Round Development
At Englishtown you can speak English online any time

Live and Interactive

Our system is not just comprehensive and fun - it's live! See how well you've understood the language by getting instant feedback. Continue through the lesson, or go back over the shaky parts until they're perfect - it's up to you! Your writing assignments are also promptly corrected by our native English speaking or skilled bilingual teachers who tell you exactly what you did well, in addition to the things you need to work on.

I'd like to see how fun and effective learning English online can be!

Talk to Learners Like You…

At Englishtown we don't believe online learning has to mean learning alone. The virtual group conversation classes are a vital way for you to connect with learners at the same level so you can practice pronunciation and vocabulary in a friendly environment that's 100% pressure-free!

Talk to Learners Like You…
…Or Go for the Personal Approach

…Or Go for the Personal Approach

Not the group type? That's what Private Lessons are for. Sometimes you may want one-on-one attention, or have a particular language problem to work through. Our database of native English speaking, skilled bilingual, and certified teachers is available for you to choose the private teacher, topic and lesson time of your choice from a diverse menu of options

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Learn Complete English, Not Just Parts of It

We each have our own reasons for learning English. Perhaps yours is to feel more comfortable conversing with international visitors to your country. Or maybe you want to kick start your career? Becoming proficient in business English is a great way to do that. It's also perfect preparation for the TOEFLif you aim to boost your educational prospects. Englishtown can prepare you for efficient communication in the vernacular of the industry in which you work. Whatever your reason for learning English is, our online courses are guaranteed to satisfy your specific needs.

Englishtown's 16 different English levels for any student who is learning English speaking.

Milestone Motivation Accelerates Your Progress

Milestone Motivation Accelerates Your Progress

Motivation comes from seeing results. That’s why the Progress Report is so handy. It shows you the results of the tests and exercises completed in your previous course(s). You can refer to it at any time to see how far you’ve come and plot exactly how long you need to you hit your next milestone.

Take me to my Progress Report.

Super Study Aid Support

Do you believe that dynamic study aids drive progress and make learning more enjoyable? We do! That's why the final components in our multifaceted approach to helping you master the English language are study tools. Pronunciation Lab, Grammar Lab, Englishtown Translator, Flashcards.. the list goes on and on. It's never been so easy to learn the language that the world speaks.

Take a tour of Englishtown today and see how fun and effective learning English online can be!

Super Study Aid Support
At Englishtown you can speak English online any time

Recognized for Excellence

All over the world, Englishtown and its online programs are regularly acknowledged for the exceptional value they bring to international language learners. Don't take our word for it, click here to read about Englishtown's prestigious accolades.

Enroll in Englishtown today and change your life!

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