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Going to college abroad is a dream for so many foreign students. It takes years of study to master English well enough to even apply. If you're lucky enough to be accepted, there are still so many challenges ahead before receiving a degree. But the rewards of college in English are also vast. In many countries a foreign university diploma is held in high esteem. Your English will be excellent after years abroad, and you'll have a good grasp of the culture in your host country. Whether you return to your own country to continue your career or you remain in your host country, attending university abroad is a life-changing experience. Do you want to go to college abroad? Is your English good enough for you to be admitted?


Some time ago I did some longitudinal research with my writing partner from Queen Mary, University of London into the expectations and experiences of overseas students on Masters courses in the UK. The statistics on these students are quite disturbing as you probably know: the large majority of students from overseas do not perform as well as they expected, and a substantial number fail to gain more than a pass in their degree.


Get ready for an MBA program with these business buzzwords and expressions!


Do you have the vocabulary to discuss your educational background and evaluate someone else's? Take this 5-minute quiz to find out.


Helli and Paolo are sharing university experiences. What was your best university experience?


Do you dream of studying at an <b>Ivy League</b> college? Read on!


Daren and Jun are discussing where they should study English.

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