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Current events in English

Reading the newspaper in English and watching English TV news are excellent ways to gain new vocabulary and get insights into public opinion in countries other than your own. It may be shocking to read accounts of your own country in English newspapers because the perspective is so different. You can easily get access to many English news sources online. Keeping abreast of current events is also a great source of conversation topics, whether when speaking to your friends at home or to your English-speaking friends online. Use the study materials in this section to learn how to talk about current events in English.


Do you like to stay on top of current events? Why not watch the news in English?


Some people find weather reports inaccurate or hard to understand. Listen and learn how to make sense of weather reports.


Read on to make sure you get <b>the scoop</b>!


Do you enjoy discussing world events?


Take this 5-minute quiz to see how good your news English is!


Do you know what is going on in the world around you? Listen to some of these issues that Jun has discovered.


Helli is complaining about how much TV Paolo watches.

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